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Want the look of hardwood flooring or a rich wood pool deck or patio without the high cost and maintenance? Wood stamped concrete is right for you. Concrete that looks like wood truly offers the best of both worlds. It wears like concrete, it’s completely weatherproof and waterproof, and it’s resistant to most types of damage. Despite this strength, it offers the natural warmth and beauty of wood. It’s ideal for a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors from patios and pool decks to basement flooring.
Ready to see the possibilities of wood stamped concrete for your home? Here’s how our contractors install wood stamped concrete floors and where they can be used. Contact us to learn more about our Concrete Services request an estimate.
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Benefits of Concrete
Wood Floors
Wood stamped concrete offers so many benefits you’ll have trouble deciding which perk is the best.
Whether it’s installed indoors or outside, it’s a cost-effective alternative to other building materials that can last decades with almost no care.
Here’s why homeowners love our stamped concrete solutions.
  • Cost-effective. Stamped concrete doesn’t cost a fortune. In fact, it’s not much more than regular concrete. Wood stamped concrete costs a fraction of the cost of wood patios and pool decks and dramatically less than hardwood flooring indoors. Because it lasts for decades and doesn’t require time-consuming care, the cost savings can continue for years.
  • Low maintenance. It takes almost no effort to keep stamped concrete looking great. It doesn’t gouge, scratch, splinter, or rot. It doesn’t need to be painted, sealed, or stained. Simply sweep the stamped concrete regularly and rinse off as needed. Treat it like regular concrete — not water-sensitive wood.
  • Long life. Our wood stamped concrete solutions last as long as regular slab concrete without sacrificing strength or aesthetics. While a wood patio can only last 15 years at the most with very strict maintenance, stamped concrete accomplishes the same beautiful look but lasts 25 years or longer with minimal care.
  • Get the look of real wood. With concrete that looks like wood, you get the look of wood planks without the maintenance or cost. Our polyurethane stamps are made from real wood planks to give you authentic wood grains, patterns, and knots to effectively fool the eye.
  • It eliminates common problems with real wood. Your stamped concrete patio or pool deck won’t suffer from dry rot, splinters, or pests. It won’t get slick when wet. It won’t need to be stained and sealed frequently to maintain its pristine look.
Our Wood Stamped Concrete Services


We serve homeowners with a variety of stamped concrete services. You can enjoy concrete that looks like wood indoors or outdoors for all of the beauty of wood planks without the maintenance or moisture concerns. Here are the most common stamped concrete wood look services we offer.
Wood Stamped Patios

Wood Stamped Patios

The most common application for wood stamped concrete is creating custom patios and courtyards. Don’t settle for a boring slab of gray concrete or a high-maintenance wood patio. With stamped concrete that looks like wood, you can get the patio of your dreams that you’ll love to show off at parties, barbecues, and gatherings. Stamped concrete patios aren’t just beautiful; they’re durable enough to hold up against scratches, insects, changing temperatures, outdoor grills, and rain without deterioration or damage.
Already have a concrete patio that you want to update? We can apply a new concrete overlay to your existing concrete to get the stamped concrete wood look with a minimal investment. An overlay allows us to stamp and stain the new concrete for a brand-new surface that will last as long as regular concrete.
Wood Stamped Floors

Wood Stamped Floors

Hardwood flooring is a great choice for your home. It’s magnificent, long-lasting, and boosts your home’s value. Still, it comes with many downsides. Along with the high cost, it requires significant upkeep and it’s prone to damage. It’s also very sensitive to moisture and can’t be used in all areas of the home. Concrete floors that look like wood give you the best of both worlds: the beauty of wood flooring with the durability and strength of concrete.
A concrete wood floor is a great option for the garage or basement where you simply can’t use traditional wood flooring. It can also be used in other living areas of your home for a hardworking floor system that performs as great as it looks.
Wood Stamped Walkways

Wood Stamped Walkways

Plain gray concrete walkways aren’t just boring; they can quickly become an eyesore due to cracks, stains, and mildew. With stamped “concrete wood,” you can dress up tired walkways and get a sleek, luxurious look for your front yard and backyard. Transform your walkways from functional to decorative with wood stamped concrete. Your walkways will last just as long as regular concrete yet complement your landscaping and patio — not detract from them.
We can pour new stamped walkways for your home or revamp old concrete walkways with a stamped concrete overlay. Both options come with the same durability, beauty, and longevity for a great return on your investment.
Wood Stamped Basements

Wood Stamped Basements

Ready to remodel your basement and ditch the ugly slab concrete or carpet that is continually damaged? Wood stamped concrete is the perfect solution for any basement. It wears like concrete with the same durability and resilience yet it offers a decorative solution to create a comfortable and welcoming living space. Say goodbye to damaged basement flooring. Stamped concrete won’t be destroyed if your basement floods like carpet, vinyl, and laminate. Despite its durability, it offers the warmth and aesthetics of real wood flooring which can’t be installed in a basement due to humidity and moisture concerns.
Our stamped concrete contractors can update the look and feel of your basement with a stamped concrete overlay. Your existing concrete floor will be prepared and we will apply a new concrete overlay that’s stained and stamped to look just like wood plank flooring.
Wood Stamped Garages

Wood Stamped Garages

Who says a garage needs to be dusty, boring, and ugly? With concrete floors that look like wood, you can get a unique garage floor that’s durable yet aesthetic.
A stamped concrete overlay can be applied to your existing garage slab to get the look of a real wood floor that can hold up against vehicle traffic, dropped tools, moisture, and more.
Stamped concrete is a very effective yet inexpensive way to update your garage and get rid of stains, cracks, and other unsightly flaws. Your new wood stamped concrete garage floor will be the envy of the neighborhood and it can even improve your home’s value.
Wood Stamped Pool Decks

Wood Stamped Pool Decks

Concrete is the top choice for pool decks for its budget-friendly price, easy maintenance, and flexible design options. Unlike other materials, concrete is a true chameleon as it can be stamped, stained, textured, colored, and patterned to look like any other material. Stamped concrete has been one of the go-to options for luxurious pool decks for decades thanks to its combination of affordability and aesthetics. With our wood stamped concrete service, you can enjoy a beautiful pool deck that looks like wood without the maintenance or longevity concerns.
Imagine a gorgeous oasis in your backyard with a large, vibrant pool deck that looks just like rich wood plank, complete with graining and even knots. Your wood stamped concrete pool deck offers a safe non-slip texture with all of the beauty of natural wood and the wear of concrete. It won’t rot, warp, splinter, or require sealing and treatments like real wood.
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Questions? Concerns? Here are some common questions about concrete floors that look like wood. Please reach out to us with any additional questions or to request a free estimate.
What is wood stamped concrete?
Stamped concrete goes by many names like textured or imprinted concrete. It’s achieved through a technique of stamping concrete before it sets with unique polyurethane stamps that create the texture and pattern of another material, in this case wood planks. The stamps are made from real wood planks to get realistic wood grain and details like knots. The stamp is combined with a combination of stains that may include color release, cast-on color, and integral color dyes. The result of this process is a floor that fools the eye into believing it’s real wood.
Concrete that looks like wood can mimic any type of wood plank flooring from weathered barnwood to oak and walnut flooring
Can it be installed outdoors?
Absolutely! In fact, it offers even more benefits outdoors than it does indoors. Stamped concrete is a completely weatherproof option that can achieve the look of wood patios and pool decks without problems like splintering, wood rot, insects, and frequent staining and sealing. We can install stamped concrete that looks like wood almost anywhere.
What are the benefits of a concrete wood floor over a traditional wood floor?
Depending on where it’s installed, wood stamped concrete offers a host of benefits. Indoors, it can be installed places where you can’t install traditional wood flooring like the basement and garage. It’s extremely resistant to water and damage from pet nails, moving furniture, spills, and more. Outdoors, it can be used to achieve the look of real wood but with a weatherproof surface. You don’t need to worry about weeds growing between the planks, dry rot, pests, water damage, a surface that gets slippery when wet, or splinters. It requires almost no maintenance so you can forget about having to stain and seal your wood look patio or pool deck every year or two.